Friday, July 17, 2009

Humbled and focusing on God's perfect plan

Dear Friends and Family,

The Lord has revealed many things about my heart in the past three days that I believe I must confess
to you all. His word tells us that the Truth will set us free. I have feared man for way to long now and
I believe that is why I feel the need to please people and receive their approval for all things. In all honesty.. I'm full of fear
as I write this email thinking " Wow - what will everyone think of me"..... But the most important thing I'm focusing on is
what does God think of me when I hide things and keep them secret in my heart!

I now believe differently. There are times when God expects things from us and calls us to certain things
that not all people will understand.

I have proven time and time again that I walk in my emotions and not in the truth of God's word. God is showing
me that I have harmed my character and that in not following his ways have proven that I am unstable in all my ways
being tossed about by my feelings and not standing on his word.

I want to confess to each and every one of you that I have been wrong. God tells us that our Yes should be Yes and our No
be No.

Before I would be embarrassed to talk to any of you about my sin. I want it out in the open. I want to start fresh and
be what God wants me to be and not what man wants me to be. My word/character, actions, etc. are what God
uses to touch hearts on this earth. If that does not belong to God - then what am I producing? Sin!

Please forgive me and I pray that from this day forward you will see a change in me for the better. A woman that wants to please God.

I love you all and just wanted to acknowledge that I have been wrong and
I am now allowing God to control my thoughts and my ways. Will I make mistakes. Absolutely.
That is where my Savior steps in and reminds me how desperately I need him!

A work in Progress and learning its much better to say yes to God instead of maybe, later, one day, when this changes,etc.
Trust me. I've rattled off every excuse I can think of to make sense out of what God says. Sometimes it just doesn't make sense in our own head....................BUT HIS WAY IS ALWAYS PERFECT. That's why it is by FAITH and not by SITE! The good thing
about God is he is the one who is always in control and nothing changes his perfect plan. The bad side of not obeying is the hurt
we cause our self and others. His way is perfect. When we say no is when we cause problems and confusion in our lives.

I need you all - even if its your prayer life including me. I just never realized how much! Forgive me for not realizing I needed
christian brothers and sisters and most importantly not realizing my need for the Lord.

I can't do it on my own and I don't want to anymore....

Love ya all,


  1. awwwwwwwwwwwww..amen amen amen sis. What a powerful post...The fear of man will become a snare, but those who trust in the Lord will be kept safe. Proverbs 29....I know this one off by heart SINCE this has been my greatest struggle, well one of MANY..praise be to God, that the good work that He has started in us sister,,He WILL complete.

    Your right, the truth does set us free. Confession definitely is good for the soul. It releases us from the strongholds that Satan had over us. I will be praying for you and thank YOU SO MUCH for joining me in Fearless Friday and standing in the gap for one another..((Hugs))

  2. You know i cover you in prayers.....I'm praising that you join at Angela's at So we can strenghten eachother and lift eachother up.
    I see this is your 1st blogpost....WOW.....congrats...I remember how jittery i felt last year december but it was "a stepp of Faith" and i never regret! God is working it self out.
    I love to see this Holly and i ad your blog straightaway in my google reader

    Take Care

  3. Sweetie, I am praying for you. God loves you so much.

  4. I believe God is re-molding in my heart. ITS NOT ABOUT ME.............Its about his will - his kingdom............ I want to have a servants heart. I desire to have a heart of Christ.

    AMEN AMEN AMEN to your comment you left at my blog sis!!

  5. Dear one, even though I won't be following you anymore here the blog, please know I will be holding you close in prayer..((hugs))

  6. Hi dear...
    You are still in my google reader!!
    I forgot to ask about your WALKS!!
    Angela above has a special blog what can motivate us to loose some.....


    Loved to see you "sunshine" smile in my guestbook this morning.
    Have a great Thankful Thursday!


  8. Thanks for stopping by and joining on my journey today. . .I wanted to stop by and visit with you too..this particularly spoke to my heart. A lot of this heart-felt entry rang so true to me as well. One thing I'm learning (not mastered it yet) is that instability, being unstable, is caused by a lack of full dependence on the "Spiritual Gyroscope"---the Holy Spirit--His power within us keeps us stable even when the storms toss us violently all over the sea of life! I can feel your heart's desire right through this screen. Sending you a hug...and keep your eyes focused on Him. . I'm trying to, too. . even when I'm so tired, and am "seeing double"---at least when I look up I am seeing Double the Compassion and Smiles from our Lord. :) You do the same! Hugs!

  9. Just stopping by to encourage you in the Lord, and pray that everything is okay.
    God bless,